Enjoy a glass of wine at Domaine de Noiré

Since 2001, Odile and Jean-Max are doing their utmost to restore the domain’s original notoriety. Serving wine for more than three generations, the passion of the vine guides their daily work.
With the help of Olivier, a longtime companion, they take care of the land and bring the vine to give the best of the chinese terroir.

What we like the most? The wines have each finesse, elegance and character.

Enjoy a good chunk of goat on the farm Vazereau

The family history begins in 1959, at La Roche-Clermault, close to our bed and breakfast, where Maurice and Hélène Vazereau settle on the Baronnerie farm and produce the famous goat cheese from Touraine. Very early, cheeses are very popular with local customers who like to come and get “a little Vazereau”

Gatien Laurent, associated with her parents François and Béatrice Laurent, represents the 4th generation. All
three are committed every day to respect the tradition. Passionate about the world of cheese, Gatien wishes to maintain with insistence the authenticity and the high quality of Le Vazereau products.

What we like the most? See the goats on the farm, the technique of manufacturing the cheese molded with a ladle, drained, salted, then refined according to the type of cheese wanted.

Walk in the vineyards of Domaine Brocourt

Located in the heart of the Chinon appellation, the Domaine Brocourt operates thirty-two hectares of vineyards spread over five towns: Chinon, Ligré, Rivière, La Roche-Clermault and Beaumont en Véron.

This dispersion of the vineyard allows them to obtain representative vintages of all the terroirs present on the Chinon appellation area.

Proof of this is the quality of its wines, the vintage “Les Vieilles Vignes” has just won the Liger d’Argent at the Wine Competition of the Loire Valley in Angers 2019 and the cuvée “Rosé 2018” the Bronze Liger.

What we like the most? The building, the beauty of the landscapes surrounding the estate, the tasting cellar and, of course, the sympathy of Philippe Brocourt, passionate about his job!